Our Process

At IPP, we undertake a comprehensive survey and analysis of your current financial situation, with the objective of building the future that you desire.

We have in place a standard financial planning process, whereby our financial consultants:

  1. Establish financial goals Goal setting is critical to creating a successful financial plan
  2. Gather relevant data Objective and subjective information is gathered. Clients ability and willingness to take risk is established.
  3. Analyse the collected data Conditions aiding or impeding the clients desire to achieve his financial goals are identified. Where required, goals or time horizon to achieve them need to be modified.
  4. Develop a plan for achieving goals Alternative strategies may be presented for the clients consideration. Advantages and disadvantages of each strategy should be explained.
  5. Implement the plan The financial plan is useful to the client only after it is put into action.
  6. Monitor the plan Periodic review involving performance measurement and updates of clients personal and financial situation. Clients should also be informed of changes in economic or tax environment.

Establish a Client-Planner Relationship

Your IPP Adviser will work towards a 'meeting of minds' to understand your financial aspirations. With this compatibility established, your adviser will be able to work with you towards meeting your expectations and achieving your financial goals.

Client Data Gathering and Defining Goals & Objectives

Your IPP Adviser analyses your present situation by collecting and assessing all relevant data - your assets and investments, wills, insurance policies, tax returns, employee benefits, sources of your income and your expenses. Your adviser then helps you identify financial and personal goals and ensures that they are realistic.

Analysis of Current Financial Plan

Your IPP Adviser focusses on specific problems that stand in the way of those goals. i.e. Inadequate cash flow, unnecessary tax payments, inappropriate insurance coverage and investments.

Development of Comprehensive Financial Plan

Your IPP Adviser prepares a written plan comprising IPP's proprietary and proven modules, namely:
  • Wealth Protection
  • Wealth Accumulation
  • Wealth Management
  • Wealth Distribution

Implementation & Execution

Your IPP Adviser will offer ways to implement the recommendations or alternatives in co-ordination with other specialists outside of IPP (for example, experts in offshore tax), in order to increase your cash flow and optimise your capital gains.

Regular Review & Update

With IPP, you will benefit from regular reviews and revisions of your plans. Your plan should be updated to account for changes in your life, in current economic conditions and in new investment opportunities. Periodic reviews show the progress you are making in reaching your goals.