Career With IPP

Join Us As Consultant

Do you look forward to a career where you are compensated based entirely on your efforts and merits? Are you keen to achieve financial independence and help others to do likewise? IPP offers you the opportunity to pursue an exciting career, whether you choose to be an IPP financial consultant, or work in our corporate headquarters.


You have the opportunity to achieve autonomy and reap both monetary and non-monetary rewards when you embark on a career as an IPP financial consultant! The intangible rewards of helping others achieve peace of mind when they have a financial plan to work towards a secure financial future will inspire you to greater heights.

Trainings & Platform Support

At IPP, we provide comprehensive training and support to our financial consultant. We undertake a partnership with our branches to provide platform support in terms of investment research, products analysis, accounting, technology and marketing services.

Career Prospects

Do you aspire to manage a team of fellow like-minded financial practitioners? You can realise your aspiration at IPP. You can be promoted to be a branch manager in as short as 2 years, and a branch partner within 5 years! As a manager or branch partner, you get to recruit, coach and develop financial practitioners. You are basically an entrepreneur, running your own show! Contact us to find out more about this exciting career!