C.T. Lim


THE TEAM (Malaysia)


Country Head

The management team comprises a group of elite professional who are highly regarded in their respective fields.


Name: Lim Chin Tik

Known As: C.T. Lim


  • BBA. Bachelor of Business Administration.
  • CFP. Certified Financial Planner
  • Planner RFP. Registered Financial Planner
  • ChLP. Chartered Life Practitioner
  • FChFP. Fellow, Chartered Financial Practitioner
  • ChIFP. Chartered Investment & Finance Practitioner
  • Licenced Financial Planner by Security Commission;
  • CMSRL/B4259/2013

Brief Overview:

Country Head of IPP Financial Planning Group, Malaysia and IPPFA Sdn Bhd, CT, has over three decades of experience in the financial services industry. IPP is a household name in the financial planning industry in Singapore. His mission statement is Bringing Financial Success to his clients.

Growing up in the 70’s in the affluent segment of the society in Kuala Lumpur and his stay in the United States in the 80’s, gave him an immense exposure to financial planning, resulted in his firm belief of the potential of the financial planning industry in Malaysia.

In the 90’s, CT spearheaded the growth of the wills and trusts industry in Malaysia, and became a well sought-after specialist in estate planning. His expertise knowledge in the insurance and later in investment products, both locally as well as abroad, has resulted in his wide array of professional accolades and industry credentials.

His extensive clientele - ranging from professionals, high net worth individuals and prominent local businessmen - have benefited much from CT’s enriching expertise.

Today, having experienced recessions of the 80’s, 90’s, and 2008, CT views financial planning in a realistic manner. Being the head of IPP Financial Planning Group in Malaysia, he also mentors a group of young professional advisers and managers in all aspects of financial planning; investments, insurance, wills/trusts, financial instruments, global wealth management and private equity investments.

CT and his wife, Anne, are proud parents of their 3 children - Michael, Esther and Michelle. Family is the central focal point of their lives. At work however, he invests his time heavily into the continuous growth of his team and is always on the lookout for high quality mentees.