Our Process

At IPP, we undertake a comprehensive survey and analysis of your current financial situation, with the objective of building the future that you desire.

We have in place a standard financial planning process, whereby our financial consultants:

  1. Establish financial goals
    Goal setting is critical to creating a successful financial plan

  2. Gather relevant data
    Objective and subjective information is gathered. Client’s ability and willingness to take risk is established.

  3. Analyse the collected data
    Conditions aiding or impeding the client’s desire to achieve his financial goals are identified. Where required, goals or time horizon to achieve them need to be modified.

  4. Develop a plan for achieving goals
    Alternative strategies may be presented for the client’s consideration. Advantages and disadvantages of each strategy should be explained.

  5. Implement the plan
    The financial plan is useful to the client only after it is put into action.

  6. Monitor the plan
    Periodic review involving performance measurement and updates of client’s personal and financial situation. Clients should also be informed of changes in economic or tax environment.