IPP’s Message

Welcome to IPP’s world of financial planning!

IPP was founded with the vision to help clients to plan for lifetime financial success. As the leader in personal wealth management and financial planning, IPP provides top quality professional financial advice and product implementation for thousands of individuals and businesses in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and other high growth cities in Asia through our offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The organisation is staffed with quality leaders and professional managers, operating and creating a world class financial platform of products and services.

IPP is the acronym for Investment Protection Planning.

We help our clients to invest, protect and plan for their financial future.

In the globalised world of the 21st century, the global economies and financial markets face an acceleration of speed of change, volatility, uncertainty and complexity. Amidst all the uncertainties and challenges of the new economic environment, individuals and businesses are faced with immense challenges in making sound financial and investment decisions for the creation and protection of wealth. The future of their financial plans and goals are at risk because of the rapid changes in the global economy and its impact on financial markets, asset valuations, risk assessment and protection of capital. These changes will have direct impact on their wealth accumulation, retirement planning, home ownership, debt management, insurance and pension values and the security and stability of their businesses and employment which provide certainty of cash flow and income.

IPP’s financial consultants are professionally trained, equipped and empowered to serve their clients’ in planning and strategising for their financial future and wellbeing through a proven systematic process. Our financial planners with their entrepreneurial spirit are passionate and committed to serve their clients, helping them to meet their lifetime financial goals and objectives. Our financial planning and wealth management entails:

  • Identifying financial needs
  • Defining goals
  • Developing plans and strategies
  • Selecting a portfolio of high quality products and services
  • Implementing sound financial decisions
  • Measuring performance to produce reliable results
IPP is an integrated business, we offer comprehensive financial planning services through specialists in investments, insurance, estate planning and private banking to help clients meet the challenges and complexities of a globalised world. We are committed to recruit and train competent and dedicated financial professionals who can advise and assist all our clients to secure their future, achieving lifetime financial success. We place the highest value and priority to serve the best interests of all our clients in meeting their immediate and long term financial goals.

Thank you for putting your trust and faith in IPP. We have over 30 years of experience in serving high net worth clients, professionals, business owners, corporate executives as well as middle income executives and mass affluent clients. You can depend on us! Our goal is to create and protect the wealth and financial future of our clients. Let IPP Financial Advisers be of service to you!