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Name: Lim Chin Tik
Known As: C.T. Lim
  • BBA. Bachelor of Business Adminstration CFP. Certified Financial Planner RFP. Registered Financial Planner
  • ChLP. Chartered Life Practitioner
  • FChFP. Fellow, Chartered Financial Practitioner
  • ChIFP. Chartered Investment & Finance Practitioner
  • Licenced Financial Planner by Security Commission;
  • CMSRL/B4259/2013
Mobile: 012 - 3386 776
Brief Overview:

In 1988, as a graduate from the University of Central Arkansas in the United States, CT made an unorthodox career choice by joining the insurance industry. This was the time when insurance was perceived strongly as an outcast industry in Malaysia. However, his immense exposure to financial planning during his stay in the US resulted in his firm belief of the potential of the financial planning industry in Malaysia.

As a result, CT would joke about the way his father introduced him, This is my son, hes just graduated from the US and has nothing better to do, so hes selling insurance.

Unwavering in his vision though, he foresaw that there was to be a huge demand for professional advisers in the insurance industry. CT proved his critics wrong by climbing the ranks in the industry, becoming one of the more prominent local names in the mid-90s.

CT spearheaded the growth of the wills and trusts industry in Malaysia, and became a well sought-after specialist in estate planning. CT has advanced his knowledge to provide expertise in insurance and investment product planning as well as off shore services, which was a very niche area during that time. As a result he has achieved a wide array of professional accolades and industry credentials.

His extensive clientele - ranging from professionals, high net worth individuals and prominent local businessmen - have benefited much from CTs enriching expertise, in gearing them towards lifetime financial success.

At the dawn of the new millennium, CT embarked on yet another endeavour; this time by co-founding IPP Wealth Planners Sdn Bhd where he took the position of Senior Partner.

Today, CT mentors a group of about 50 professional advisers in all aspects of financial planning; investments, insurance, wills/trusts and of course the planning structure and approach itself.

CT is a proud father of 3 children - Michael, Esther and Michelle. Together with his wife Anne, they spend their time as a family enjoying activities such as horse riding, snorkelling and diving. When at work however, he invests his time heavily into the continuous growth of his team and is always on the lookout for high quality mentees.